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Anonymous Asked:
Do you like to be on top or underneath?

My answer:


i like to be worshipping the lord our god amen


do you ever like someone so much. you just imagine all the things you could do together and you just constantly think about that person almost every breathing minute and just wish you could be together

"I think it’s scary how fast you can cut people out of your life if you felt like it. Honestly I’m quite afraid that one day you will cut me out of your life and I will just be a nobody to you. Not even worth your time to actually hate my guts."

a close friend told me this and im just.. speechless? i dont think i can do that but hes one of the few people in my life who knows me really well and coming from him it’s just like whaaaaat.

him feeling that way. it got me thinking: do my friends feel that way? do i do that to people? do i make them feel insecure about our friendship? i dont know. i really dont know. (but then again im such a trashy friend/person why would people be afraid of losing me anyway lol)

it kinda sucks bc i think i value each and every friendship that i have, but i think deep down somewhere part of me knows (and doesnt want to admit) that i probably am capable of doing that.

recently i find it more and more difficult to talk to some people who make up a huge part of my life and frankly this sucks. i feel like i cant carry on our conversations like we used to and that our way of thinking is growing further apart. kinda to the extent that i know i wouldnt want to tell them anything remotely “bad” thats happening in my life bc i know that their response would either be a put off or something that makes you go “what the fuck do you even have a brain??” or berating me about my life choices. is it me who has changed? i dont know.

what alexander told me really made me aware. i have thought: what if i stopped talking to them completely? would i even feel anything? the worst part is that i actually wouldnt give a shit about it.

i just.

im sorry.

Regina Mills Appreciation Week — Day 1: favourite persona
↳ Mayor Mills, during the curse


why celsius/centigrade is better than fahrenehenheit

  • easier to spell
  • all water below 0 is ice. easy and logical
  • all water above 100 is steam. easy and logical
  • if it’s 1 degree outside one day and 10 degrees the next you can literally say it’s 10x warmer and you aren’t even exaggerating

why farhenininheniehenhet is better than centigrate/celsius

  • it isn’t


do u ever have a thought that’s so fuckin inappropriate that u feel like dumping a bucket of water on urself like. calm down, self. tone it down. think about jesus



That last gif, though.

Julia Gillard is actually my favourite ever.


jay gatsby’s car was a real hit with the ladies

oh my fucking god





do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends


perks of dating me: u will be the hot one

i eat babies for breakfast

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